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TEl:          +86-10-52609620
MOBIL:    +86-13717573929
WECHAT:  m17573929

Who are we?

We are a creative company full of curiosity and creativity, and also a problem solver. The studio was initiated by a designer who came back from Germany and was founded in 2011 and changed to a company organization in 2017. We have an international design practice, an open attitude and a keen sense of art. We use the professional knowledge and experience gained from innovative cooperation with designers from different countries to design visual results suitable for your unique communication purposes. We specialize in brand and event design, providing brand development, graphic logo, books and periodicals, illustration and printing design services. In each project, we strive to combine elegant design, best creativity and technological innovation. Our customers range from small start-ups to mature multinational institutions and organizations. We offer customized solutions based on usability, creativity, aesthetics and craftsmanship.

Prize (including but not limited to): Graphis Design Award Poster Annual (USA) , A'Design Award Winner in Graphics and Visual Communiication Design  Category (
Italy), The International Poster Biennial in Mexico, CGDA Visual Communication Design Award, CADA International Concept Art Design award, ITCD Award international trend Cultural Design etc.

Membership of (IAD) International Association of Designers, (IDC) International Design Club, (AIBA) Alliance of International Business Associations


近几年,我们将过往的设计项目选送国际知名设计竞赛,多次获得国内外设计奖项,包括但不限于美国Graphis设计大奖年度海报类,意大利A' Design Award 视觉传达类,入选 16 届墨西哥海报展,平面设计在中国CGDC品牌类奖项,CADA国际概念艺术设计奖,ITCD AWARD国际潮流文化设计奖......


  • Passion热情
    We're fired up and all-in when it comes to the quality of our work and the cohesiveness of our culture.
  • Respect尊重
    Our mutual respect is the glue that holds everything together. It leads to open communication, better collaboration, and a happier, more satisfying work experience for everyone.
  • Thinking思维
    We operate where design meets business, insight meets foresight, and empathy meets economics. rigorous research, and inventive methods based in business rationale and good design.
  • Positivity积极性
    Our upbeat attitudes help build the foundation for a more collaborative, creative, and capable work environment.
  • Curiosity好奇心
    We're a naturally curious bunch, driven to learn new things and explore the strategic and creative possibilities in everything we do.
  • Creativity创造力
    We seek to provide original ideas, imaginative solutions, and unexpected work that sets our clients apart.
  • Cooperation合作
    Good results come from close cooperation and common ambitions. By freely sharing ideas and seeking opinions, we can use each other's talents to make the work results more complete and effective.
  • Foresight远见
    We sync human desires with emerging possibilities—dreaming, designing, and manufacturing tech-enabled solutions for next generation needs.
  • Accountability问责制
    We hold each other accountable for the quality of our work—because when you can trust someone to do their very best, you can focus on doing yours.
Design store
Product design is a very interesting field, which brings extraordinary experience to life and arouses a lot of positive emotions. We are planning to devote ourselves to the work and development of products. The principle is based on the understanding of the daily life background of the public. The design experience can not only inspire the inspiration, but also promote the action, and lead the design into the daily life, life is design. We are full of enthusiasm for this work, looking forward to the future, bringing many perspectives and creating new design value, multiple integration, and full of expectations.
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