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Contrasts In Chinese Music


Client:Central Conservatory of Music


Contrasts in Chinese Music From A Global Perspective, also namely the 22nd‘Chime’International Conference is one of the most important international symposiums in Chinese music world in recent years. Poster design needs to convey the collision and integration of Chinese and Western culture, tradition and modernity visually.
​Compared with the free and passionate Chinese calligraphy character "music" and the rigorous and rational geometric color block, the poster shows two different rhythm and rhyme visually, so as to reflect the collision and intersection of Chinese and Western cultures. The poster effect has both the Western  contemporary flavour and the Chinese traditional charm.
The poster fully demonstrated the theme of the activity in 3 days of discussion, 3 conference sites and 120 speeches: thoughts flashed by collision, and culture flourished by convergence. Visual display is highly praised by the Sponser, Chinese and foreign music scholars and audience. It shows the vigor and vitality of Chinese music research and music creation, and promotes the development and prosperity of Chinese music culture.