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TEl:          +86-10-52609620
MOBIL:    +86-13717573929
WECHAT:  m17573929

KN Logo


Client:German Energy Agency (Dena)


Competence Network for Efficiency Technologies (KN) is an environmental protection project initiated and organized by the German Energy Agency (Dena) in China. The purpose is to integrate German professional resources in the fields of energy-efficient buildings and sustainable urban development in China, and to build a joint optimized Chinese market for German environmental energy companies and Chinese professional institutions. 
The design requirements of the KN logo project: 
1).The German abbreviation "KN" of Competence Network for Efficiency Technologies/komptenzetzwerk für effizienztechnology is the most important design element. 
2).The KN Logo is closely connected with the dena logo and entire dena visual system. 
3).The logo conforms to the attributes of energy industry, and  contains the concepts of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.

·      能效技术联盟/Kompetenznetzwerk für Effizienztechnologien的德文简称“KN”是最重要的设计元素。
·      KN Logo与dena Logo及整个dena的视觉体系紧密相连。
·      Logo符合能源行业属性,包含节能减排和环境保护的概念。