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Children picture books from China


Client:Confucius Institute Headquarters


The children's picture book exhibition of " Children picture books from China " organized by Confucius Institute headquarters was exhibited in the children's hall of Frankfurt Book Fair. It made a selection of the 197 original works from 500 Chinese publishers to display. Through text and paintings by Chinese writers and illustrators, unique Chinese picture beauty appears on the international stage.

The activity attribute should not only reflect internationalization, but also nationality, and be full of children's interest. The expert group selected the ink painting of red and green dragonfly from different style picture books and gave the overall design style. The illustrations from Peilong Liang are elegant in color, beautiful in artistic conception and unique in oriental flavor. 

The picture with innocence children is full of their longing for good things and future life. The design style and the theme "children picture books from China" are well-matched. But Liang’s ink painting as visual image for the book exhibition is too simple and elegant. Visual design for exhibition should have more strong colors, symbols or graphics to attract the audience's attention. Therefore designers picked up the ink points from Liang’s paintings as the abstract elements, and strengthened the red and yellow saturation, and used with ink painting together.

In addition, a unique calligraphy font is added as the title. It has both Chinese flavour and children's interesting. Calligraphy, ink point and ink painting integrated perfect together. (Calligraphy title and ink point can be also independent without ink painting.)