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Client:Confucius Institute Headquarters


The annual Frankfurt Book Fair is the world's largest exhibition for the publishing field. Every year, more than 100 countries, more than 7000 publishers and booksellers, and more than 300000 new varieties books will take part in the Frankfurt Book Fair. The book fair has become an influential cultural platform in the world, a grand event of the world book industry, and also been known as the " world cultural weathervane"!
This special exhibition of " Cultural Heritage in the Chinese Architecture" organized by Confucius Institute Headquarters combines the two important dimensions of "Chinese architecture" and "cultural heritage", which not only enriches the content of international exchange of Chinese culture, but also makes a meaningful attempt to "tell a good Chinese story" in terms of methods and ideas.
It tries to innovate and improve the method of "telling Chinese stories" in visual display. The yardstick that Chinese people often say is the instrument for measuring the straightness of objects. The standard is the level for measuring the plane, while the rope is the ink line for measuring the straightness, and the ink stick is used to draw the straight line and draw the standard line. According to the ancient Zhoubi Suanjing, the circle comes from rules and square comes also from rules. This is so-called, “without rules and regulations, can not be a square and circle”. It means that if wood is to become an instrument and ordinary people are to become talents, they must follow strict norms; if wood is to be straight and made into a pillar of wood, it must be inked with ropes. Ink is ink stick, ink line and straight line. The same is true of educating people. Only with correct guidance can we achieve great success. A word has double meanings. Through the Ink fountain (snap the line), the two important dimensions of "Chinese architecture" and "cultural heritage" are ingeniously combined to "tell a good Chinese story".