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Literature collection of Wang Xiaobo


Client:Beijing dangdang technology and culture e-commerce Co., Ltd


Tired of being fast, noisy and flashy. I began to need the beauty of everyday, simple and quiet~
The designer creates simple aesthetic experience, and leaves out unnecessary design, keeps the oriental modesty, makes the design a supporting role, integrates the simple, bright and orderly lines of German Bauhaus into Wang Xiaobo's signature, uses solid color gray hot stamping with soft beige paper. It has a very modern style, so that the whole layout clean and bright without any sense of disorder. With the change of light angle, the wonderful design makes the geometry warm and beautiful.
The most approachable binding restores the true meaning of literature books, removes all unnecessary craftsmanship and colors, and is as simple as the information and function itself, to explore the essence of design. The material should be simple and plain. It uses environmental friendly natural white paper and spine bound with bare thread. It doesn't advocate outstanding personality and specific aesthetic consciousness of works. What it wants to do is to give readers a sense of "just like this", but it can always feel Wang Xiaobo's kindness and frankness. We can understand and experience his black humor from his frank, vivid and interesting writing.