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I love the life that it should look like.


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" I love the life that it should look like." Is a collection of selected essays by the philosopher Zhou Guoping. The meaning of this book is to reveal what kind of psychological state people should keep when they are faced with such life propositions as love, adversity, loneliness, death and change. It can build a strong soul world for you who can't find a clue in the complicated world.
The cover is made of flowers and grass paper, which bears the imprint of nature and life, and is full of fresh literary flavor. The lowercase handwritten title and flowers and plants letters complement each other, like a letter written by the author to the reader. This is a book with bare spine and thread. The title of the book and the logo of the publishing house are printed on the wrapping paper. The binding method is novel and unique, which makes the readers realize the wisdom of life in the perfect visual experience.