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TEl:          +86-10-52609620
MOBIL:    +86-13717573929
WECHAT:  m17573929

Brand Design Spring Town


Client:Shanghai Spring Town Bio-Products Co., Ltd


Shanghai Spring Town Bio-Products Co., Ltd. is a health industry enterprise integrating product development, production, sales and service. It’s product line covers medicines, cosmetics and household products. It transforms traditional Chinese medicine and modern scientific research results into productivity, and builds the world's first brand of green health products.

The logo takes the circular wireframe as the core shape, integrates the sun and the moon, green and life. The English name of the brand "spring town" is integrated into the circle, which is simple, fashionable, international and easy to remember. It reflects the brand style of healthy life, natural environment, and science and technology. The logo color is composed of green system, dark green represents fertile soil, and light green represents life.
Chinese abbreviation "春芝堂" is a part of the logo, which has also specificity and cognitiveness. The color of the character is dark green. The Chinese abbreviation standard font is a special design font in harmonization with Logo. The width, height and spacing of characters are all controlled by proportion.
标志以圆形线框为核心造型,融入日月天地,绿色、生命。品牌英文名称“Spring Town”融入到圆形当中,简约、时尚、具有国际感、便于记忆。体现健康生命、自然环保、清新科技感的品牌风格。标志色彩由绿色系组成,深绿代表沃土,嫩绿代表生命。