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I love the life that it should be.


Client:Mandarin panorama


"Let young people feel and change, who are afraid to lose their lives but forget them."
The cover of this book is simple and elegant, with exquisite decoration, just like the leisurely and leisurely life itself. The cover of the book is dotted with green leaves, much like a person's lush life. The world is like flowing water, willing and unwilling, freedom and peace need to be looked down upon by oneself. If you jump out of trouble, you need to understand life itself.
Zhou Zuoren has a great reputation: a famous modern essayist, literary theorist, critic, poet, translator, thinker, and an outstanding representative of the new cultural movement. Lu Xun said Zhou Zuoren's prose was the first in China.
This article is a collection of Zhou Zuoren's prose, which is fresh, original and systematic, with elegant words and elegant thoughts.
This book is for hardcover, elegant and beautiful. You can treat it as your friend and let it accompany you all the time.