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Goethe - „Battle of Wits“


Client:Goethe-Institut China


Goethe-"Battle of Wits" project provides a cross-cultural dialogue platform for "intellectuals". Each time, a main guest was introduced. As the core respondent, the main guest explained his views on cultural collision and how to promote mutual understanding among cultures by answering questions. Cultural exchange is not the "monologue" of different cultures and different cultural fields, but a process of mutual understanding, mutual interpretation and mutual supplement. Through this form, Goethe-Institut China hopes to provide a platform for cultural people in the same field and among different fields to talk, share their ideas, experience and interpret each other.
The design of the poster takes the theme of the party both in Chinese and German as the core visual. Chinese word adopts the easy and smooth calligraphy font while the German word adopts rigid printing font. The interweaving of these two fonts gives a slight hint that this activity is a process of cultural communication and interaction. In terms of color, the noble and elegant gold background is adopted to match the atmosphere of the environment and the quality of the participants.
“歌德• 慧• 客厅”项目为“知识分子”们提供一个跨文化的对话平台。每次推出一位主嘉宾。作为核心答辩人,主嘉宾通过回答问题阐述自己对文化碰撞及如何促进各文化之间相互理解的观点。文化交流不是不同文化以及不同文化领域的“各自独白”,而是一个相互认识,相互解读,相互补充的过程。北京德国文化中心•歌德学院(中国)希望通过这种形式为同一领域以及各领域间的文化人提供一个对话和分享各自理念、经验,互相解读的一个平台。