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Dialogue with China volume 11


Client:Hanns-Seidel- Foundation


Social Policy Series in China and Germany "dialogue with China" are edited and published by Hans Seidel foundation of Germany, focusing on the hot issues in the economic, social and political fields of China and Germany. The eleventh volume focuses on the theme "public finance and financial balance mechanism of the Chinese and German governments". It includes the contents of the reports made by 4 reporters from China and Germany on this theme. 

The abstract figures in this volume evolved from the chapter division symbol "§" which symbolizes the law. The color and abstract graphics of red and blue, cold and warm reflect the balance between right and wrong in the legal system of China and Germany, as well as the communication and collision of different social relations and social orders.

In the contents and at the beginning of each article, a part of the abstract graphic on the cover is intercepted, is meaning different perspectives and views of each economic expert.

The twill elements reflecting the corporate image of Hans Seidel Foundation can be seen everywhere in the illustration. It is elegant and delicate.

The portraits of experts are also drawn in twill.