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Food is Heaven, Heaven is Food

以食为天 以天为食

Client:Confucius Institute Headquarters


In 2017, Confucius college headquarters in the Gourmet Gallary's 99 square meter exhibition space of the Frankfurt Book Fair's, from the "diet" point of view, showed the world from the traditional to modern Chinese culture changes. 

​In this exhibition, 6 works of artist Li Jin have been selected and formed a unique visual design through reseparation, combination, processing and supplement. It has a new form of expression of Chinese contemporary ink painting. Li Jin's painting is full of strong personal characteristics: he draws a diet, unlike Qi Baishi's vegetable and fruit, and is a mediocre and greasy dish, such as braised meat, steamed prawns, steamed salmon, vegetable moss, and so on. Li Jin, through the most thorough hugs of worldly life, touches the depths of the heart through the pores of the senses... His style of painting is highly consistent with the theme of the exhibition.

Exhibition plan

lamian show kitchen