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TEl:          +86-10-52609620
MOBIL:    +86-13717573929
WECHAT:  m17573929

Music Dance Collection


Client:China Central Conservatory of Music


"Music and Dance Collection" was a collaborative innovation between the China Central Conservatory of music and Beijing Dance Academy to jointly cultivate high-end choreographers to report the teaching results of the program. There were a total of 12 small musical and dance works in the concert, all of which were very avant-garde in style. The main visual poster of the activity uses the elements of handwriting and calligraphy, and the unrestrained and fluent cursive script permeates the tension and movement in music and dance. The track information is used as the background. The arrangement of the track information makes people associate with the melody and rhythm of music. The combination of red and blue is more modern than ever. The related design of activitie also includes: stage banners, program manuals.