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Guide system Mandy Plaza


Client:Shaanxi Mandy Real Estate Co., Ltd


Because the main body of the project and the public space have been decorated, it is the most direct, economic and effective way to decorate the surface of the existing structure through two-dimensional pattern on the premise of no major transformation. The unique visual elements of the project are integrated with the functions of the spatial structure to build a strong brand image. It changes the surface texture, material and detail structure. It was tiled in a large area first, and the local style was changed in the next, and finally merged into the overall space.
Spatialization of graphic elements (Design + Business + Technology + Function), and insight into the invisible link between spatial form and consumer demand.
平面元素空间化(设计+ 商业+ 技术+功能),洞察空间形态与消费需求之间的隐形关联纽带。