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TEl:          +86-10-52609620
MOBIL:    +86-13717573929
WECHAT:  m17573929

Brand Design Qeeyu


Client:Qeeyu EducationTechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Qeeyu is a platform for sharing new knowledge in education. It shares with the new generation of parents the parenting knowledge that is informative, loving and interesting. Together with them, it provides children with high-quality family companionship, such as classic children's books, hand-made games, etc., to encourage them to become better parents.
The shape of the logo adopts the capital letter Q of Qeeyu, which is simple and easy to remember. It shows the scene of parents holding their children's hands in large hands, reflects a warm atmosphere, and conveys parents' love for their children. It indicates that the whole shape is like the sulcus and gyrus in the brain, reflecting that Qeeyu promotes the development of children's mind while carrying out educational consultation.