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Green Environmental Protection Diary


Client:Goethe-Institut China


“Culture + Climate Change” activity is a cultural program launched by Goethe-Institut China in 2010. As an important component of the activity, “green environmental protection diary” invited every participant to write their low-carbon life diary, so as to let every record becoming the process of self-supervision and reminder. 
Diary design also takes its practical and communicational functions into consideration. The thickness and size of this diary is based on portable rule, and its material is delightful, friendly.Carbon-emission list is designed for easy inquiry. Thumb movie allows users to see the direct relationship between their low-carbon life and the benefits for little trees to grow into big trees. This activity has provided recorders with an interesting writing experience. 
 “文化与气候变迁”(Culture + climate changes)活动是2010年北京德国文化中心·歌德学院(中国)发起的文化项目,开展跨学科的全球探讨,同时开启了环境保护对话的新视角。