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Ferry Program


Client:Goethe-Institut China


The key of cultural exchange lies in communication, understanding. Goethe-Institut China launched the “Ferry” Program in 2010 for sponsoring and inviting Chinese and German cultural elites to participate in diversified cultural communication activities.   
The poster design reflects the form of this ferry program through dividing the two characters “摆渡” with thin and thick oblique lines crossing with each other. The color of the poster design adopts the red, yellow and black of the national flag of Germany which symbolizes the special cultural experiences of cultural emissaries in Germany. The abstract red and yellow tilt stripes which coming from two directions and interweaves together represent the mutual integration between Chinese- and German culture. 
海报以活动名称“摆渡”二字构成视觉传达重心,字面传达出活动的意义,通过斜线条疏密控制切分“摆渡”汉字,线条犹如船过水面留痕,来反应摆渡计划人才流动活动的形式,在海报设计时选用德国国旗的红黑黄,象征着文化使者们在德国经历的特殊的文化体验,抽象的红色和黄色的倾斜条纹来自两个方向并交织在一起,[*1] 代表一来一回、中德两种文化相互交汇与融合,形式简约,信息明确,传达活动的特殊意义。