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The integration of Criminal Law Norms


Client:Law Press China


The integrated of criminal law norms is compiled by Dr. Tan Miao, a lawyer of Weiheng law firm of Beijing and deputy director of criminal law professional committee of Beijing Lawyers Association. The greatest innovation of this book lies in its style,which has created a unique "point-to-point" style of annotation. In this book, judicial interpretation is carefully divided into the smallest meaning units, and then it corresponds with the concept of criminal law one by one according to their internal logical relationship, in this way it forms the "point-to-point" annotation relationship. This unique and novel annotation style properly deals with the master-slave relationship between the criminal code and judicial interpretation, so that the two really integrate into a tight network of knowledge with the criminal code as the main body.
In order to adapt to the content and form of this book, the cover design adopts concentric circles around the title of the book to spread outwards, with points and lines of different sizes, thicknesses and depths running through them, linked and constructed with each other, to form "tight network of knowledge".