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Biography of Barton & Hitler


Client:Beijing Hanzhang Xingwen Book Distribution Co., Ltd


Biography of Barton: the only Iron-blooded defender of the United States who can fight hard battles (a collection of pictures and texts)has deeply excavated the top secret historical materials in the two world wars, comprehensively traced the magnificent military journey of this extraordinary war maniac, and let us perspective the three-dimensional Barton from the military, life, politics, psychology and other aspects.
Hitler: the war maniac who left a long shadow on History (a collection of pictures and texts)combines a large number of real files and pictures to tell the story of how a wandering artist became a ruthless dictator. The author analyzes Hitler's personality characteristics and outlines the rise and fall of the third Nazi Empire, which is a brief and concise exposition of this period of history so far.
The cover design breaks through the previous methods of biography of famous people, and boldly processes the figure's head into two colors, which is quite pop art style. The designer and the concept team hope that such treatment can makethe character image popular and more easily accepted and and remembered by the masses.