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Reading Passport


Client:Beijing Reading Festival


The reading passport is based on the concept of the Beijing Reading Festival. It is designed for the purpose of content dissemination and the establishment of a visual image of the event, and taks into consideration the use function, the use link and the user group. It is analyzed that the core group using this passport at the event has certain cultural accomplishment and aesthetic taste, so the basic design style of the passport is simple, friendly and elegant.

Divided into three colors by age

In the process of visual experience, the commercial sense of the brochure should be removed as much as possible. It not only embodies the characteristics of passport (rigorous and unique shading), but also integrates the information and elements related to books and reading. The basic elements of shading in the whole volume are open books with soft colors and line, which weaken the rigid connection between book elements. The different size of book shading in every page are unifying the whole passport.

Passport flyleaf, Personal information page, Activity introduction page

In the blank page of passport (sticker), the Chinese traditional pattern of four gentlemen (plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum) are added to the shading, which is hidden and connected with the shading line. Each pattern is distinguished by color.

In order to add a certain interest to the passport, a little reader is added at the top corner of each page, which is simple and direct, and also carries the function of page number. With the pages turning quickly, the little reader ’s eyes will turn left and right, like reading,which makes a static design dynamic.       This little reader can be developed many cultural and creative products. The logo of Beijing Reading Festival appears on the page header together with little reader.

Creative product design principles:
Extract and excavate the personality elements (little reader, book shading) in the passport design, enrich the whole passport design for the purpose of practicality; the processing technology should be simple, cost-effective and easy for mass production; the use function is related to the reading link, which can be packaged and presented together with the passport or distributed separately.

Passport envelope: (PVC transparent matte material cover, logo hot stamping on the cover) Internal structure of passport cover, PVC transparent frosted material

Metal bookmarks: The front three, stamping hollow reading pattern, back Beijing reading season logo screen printing. Material: brass, bronze, stainless steel.
金属书签: 正面三款,冲压镂空阅读图案,背面北京阅读季Logo丝网印。材质黄铜、青铜、不锈钢。

Sticker: Every 30 pages have animation function
Simple bookmark pen: The front is stamped with hollow reading pattern, the back is printed with logo screen of Beijing reading season, and the folding part is added with ball point pen core.
Overall effect
便签贴纸 :每打30张,翻页具有动画功能