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Reading Grand Ceremony 2017


Client:Beijing Reading Festival


Since 2007, Blend Design has provided professional design services for "Beijing Reading Festival" sponsored by the State Administration of Press and Publication and People's Government of Beijing Municipality, including brand vision, image promotion, exhibition planning, exhibition vision, etc.
Since the establishment of Beijing Reading Festival in 2011, it has developed into a new business card for the cultural construction of the capital and a new model for national reading. Every year, from the launching ceremony on April 23 at the beginning of the year to the reading ceremony at the end of the year, it spans four seasons, organizes tens of thousands of activities and has the audience of more than 10 million, strives to meet the reading and cultural needs of the general public. The Beijing Reading Festival is held in Tianqiao Performing Art Center in mid December every year. This grand ceremony is not only a grand gathering for the whole year's reading summary and promotion, but also the mobilization of the next year's Beijing Reading Festival. It is also a year-end gift to give back to readers in Beijing. Nearly 100 well-known scholars, reading promoters, more than 30 leading group units of Beijing Reading Festival, leaders of publicity department and Culture Committee of all district committees in Beijing, nearly 100 publishing institutions and other relevant leaders, as well as nearly 1000 people including partners, medias, universities, primary and secondary schools and public representatives of Beijing Reading Festival attended the ceremony.
In order to match the government's activities, the main visual design 2017 has a big red background, and the visual element uses a corner of the Tiananmen Tower and a red plum under the city wall. Tian An Men is the center of Beijing and the symbol of the country. Plum blossom welcomes the snow and spreads it’s fragrance. It has the lofty quality of iron bone and ice heart, and symbolizes the spirit of constantly striving for improvement of the Chinese nation. In the center of the picture, the theme of the reading ceremony is carried in the form of calligraphy. The picture has visual tension and the humanistic charm of the capital city, which is full of appeal and spiritual impetus.

2017 年主视觉设计为了配合政府性质的活动,大红色铺底,视觉元素采用天安门城楼的一角与城墙下一只红梅相结合。天安门是首都的中心、国家的象征;梅花迎雪吐艳,凌寒飘香,具有铁骨冰心的崇高品质和坚贞气节,象征中华民族自强不息的精神品质。画面中心将阅读盛典主题以书法的形式承载。画面具有视觉张力并具京城的人文韵味,富有感染力和精神推动力。