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10th Anniversary of the Confucius Institute


Client:Confucius Institute Headquarters


2014 is the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institute. On September 27, the launching ceremony of the first global "Confucius Institute day" was held in Beijing. Nearly 1200 Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in 123 countries and regions around the world simultaneously held various Chinese language and culture experience activities, such as Chinese teaching open class, Chinese teaching material exhibition, Chinese culture lecture, student art show, etc., totaling more than 3000.
The official logo of the Confucius Institute Day is made up of three elements: the shape of a gate, the numbers indicating years, and the words “Confucius Institute Day” in Chinese and English. Chinese Red, which in China implies a strong sense of intellect is used as the theme color of the logo and, together with black Chinese calligraphy and English printing style text, it gives the whole design great impact and gravitas, without losing the sense of a celebration. The gate shape design portrays the Confucius Institute as an open door that brings the outside world to China and leads China out into the world. It symbolizes personal and cultural communication between China and the world. The number “2004-2014” shows the period of great development of the Confucius Institute over the past ten years. The red door frame suggests the letters “C” and “I”, the initials of “Confucius Institute” as well as the shape of the Arabic number “10” to symbolize the time from the establishment of the Confucius Institute.The 5 Chinese characters in thick ink were written by the most famous Chinese contemporary master calligrapher Ouyang Zhongshi, and they add a sense of vitality to the whole design.
活动Logo由“门”型图形、年份数字10和“孔子学院日”中英文文字三部分组成,以含蓄、知性的中国红为底色,配以黑色的中文毛笔字和英文印刷体文字,使整个图案显得稳重,又不失节日的热烈、喜庆。红色的“门”寓意孔子学院就像是一扇打开的大门,通过这扇门,既可以走进中国,又可以走向世界,象征着中外人员、文化的交流;门框和门扇既可以看作是孔子学院英文缩写的两个字母“C”“I” ,又可以看作是阿拉伯数字“10”,体现孔子学院10周年华诞。“孔子学院日”五个大字,则是由中国当代最著名的书法家欧阳中石先生亲笔题写,为“孔子学院日”活动Logo平添浓墨重彩的一笔。