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TEl:          +86-10-52609620
MOBIL:    +86-13717573929
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Brand Design Hachette phoenix


Client:Hachette-Phoenix Cultural Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd


Hachette-Phoenix Cultural Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a cultural consulting service and book distribution enterprise jointly established by Jiangsu Phoenix publishing & media Inc., a leading publishing company in China, and Hachette Livre Group, French publishing giant. 
The elements of China and France should be displayed in a fair and harmonious way during the design. The icon takes the Chinese character "phoenix" in Phoenix publishing group of China and the initial letter "H" in Hachette publishing group of France as the visual information point. "H" continues to use the original design expression form of Hachette. "Phoenix" uses the seal form to echo the "H" graphic. The color of the logo consists of two colors: Phoenix's Chinese red and Hachette's dark grey. The Chinese and Western characters are combined skillfully, the graphics are integrated and unified, and they are balanced with each other.