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Brand Design Yejiaxuan


Client:Yejiaxuan Hanfen (Beijing) cultural and Creative Development Co., Ltd


"Ye Jia": that is, Ye Marquis's bookshelf. Li Bi of Tang Dynasty, who was rich in books, once granted the title of the Marquis of Yezhou. Later generations praised others for collecting more books with " Ye Jia ". Yejiaxuan is a bookstore co founded by Tsinghua University and Commercial Press, located in Li Wenzheng Library of Tsinghua University, covering an area of nearly 800 square meters. It has more than 30000 high-quality books of Humanities and social sciences. It has held a variety of high-level reading activities throughout the year and become a platform for connecting readers with authors, publishers, scholars and cultural landmark of Tsinghua University with both depth and temperature。
The entrance facade of the old library in Tsinghua Campus (built twice in 1919 and 1931) has been refined by graphic language and added with the book elements to form the core of the logo. In this way, the purpose of "respecting history, respecting the environment, serving people today, and enriching the sages" is reflected. While embodying the spirit of the times and the personality of the building, we strive to make the image of the bookstore harmonious and unified with the surrounding environment, to echo each other and to be integrated. Brick walls, tile roofs and arched windows are simple, rich in historical continuity, but they are not limited to the original architectural form and show a flavor of the times. It forms an elegant, quiet and lively reading environment with a strong cultural and academic atmosphere.