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MOBIL:    +86-13717573929
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Brand Design Jiaqing Medical


Client:JiaQing (Beijing) Medical Investment Co., Ltd.


Integrating the development advantages of domestic and foreign medical industry, the most professional hospital green construction service platform in China is established through hospital construction consulting work (including physical space planning, information system planning, management process planning, Department planning, expert planning, operation planning, equipment procurement planning, engineering management, etc.).
Who found the four leaf grass, who will get happiness, people pass on from generation to generation. I found clover, my happiness is in my hand.
Clover is a rare variety of Trifolium plants (including clover and alfalfa), also known as lucky grass. Generally, there are only three small leaves with the shape of a heart. Among the 100000 alfalfa plants, you may find only one is "clover", because the chance rate is about one hundred thousand.
Therefore, clover is internationally recognized as a symbol of luck. Each of its leaves has a different meaning. It contains four things that people dream of: reputation, wealth, love and health. If you have these things at the same time, you will be lucky.
Jiaqing medical treatment takes heart-shaped clover (lucky grass) as the visual core, hoping to establish the scientific service concept of green hospital lucky, happy and healthy.