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Brand Design 91 TOP


Client:Shanghai 91 TOP household products Co., Ltd


"91 TOP" is a new retail e-commerce website of Shanghai 91 TOP Household Products Co., Ltd. for urban "new youth" and "new middle-aged". It’s name originated from the first wonderful book "the book of mountains and seas". The aim is to absorb the elite and nutrients of Chinese traditional culture, combine the modern aesthetic characteristics, inherit and develop the cultural mission of Chinese style, and create a brand world belonging to 91 TOP. The visual design of 91 TOP brand is based on the theme of "not imitating the ancient but soaking in the oriental taste, not imitating the foreign and shining the spirit of the times".

The shape of the logo is round, integrates with the traditional Chinese pattern of River Cliff Seawater and Auspicious Cloud and Ruyi, and added the brand name "山海菁". River Cliff Seawater pattern is a kind of Chinese traditional pattern, that is, under the pattern, there are curves representing the deep sea. Here it is called the water foot. The water foot are decorated with rolling waves, standing rocks, and auspicious clouds. This pattern is often decorated at the bottom of the ancient official uniforms or dragon robes, which means longevity, continuity, or unity of mountains and rivers, and peace.
The logo color is pure orange, which gives people a warm feeling. At the same time, there are fashion, youth, dynamic and a feeling of vitality.

The Chinese standard font of "山海菁" has been specially designed with rounded strokes; the left and right sides of the lower half are slightly turned outwards, which corresponds to the shape of "山" in the logo, and at the same time, it looks like the shape of " tripod" of ancient Chinese vessels; finally, the corner of the cone is also processed at the foothold. The whole figure is stable and dignified, not clumsy, beautiful and harmonious, tall and straight.

Additionally design elements are the expansion of brand vision. Through the deconstruction and combination of the mountain, sea and cloud elements in the traditional Chinese patterns (River Cliff and Seawater patterns, Auspicious Cloud patterns and other elements) in the brand logo, combined with the modern aesthetic characteristics, the unique layout style is established, the persistent craftsmanship. The persistent craftsman spirit is demonstrated.

The mascot image is the Phoenix in the legend of "Mountains and Seas". The phoenix feather extracts the Ruyi and Auspicious Cloud element in the logo, which is modern and full of oriental charm, magnificent and light.