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About realism Paintings


Client:Galeri eur smeile


"Adam loves apple - About realism painting" is a personal exhibition held by Christian schoeler, a young German painter, in mailer gallery and a subsequent academic lecture held at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.
The activity poster selects the most representative part of Christian schoeler's painting as the background. The activity name is overlaid with the printed font and the handwritten font of the brush to convey the existence and emotion, realism and performance. 
“亚当爱苹果- 谈写实主义绘画“是德国青年画家Christian Schoeler在麦勒画廊举办的个人展览及后续在中央美院举办的学术讲座。
活动海报选择了Christian Schoeler最具代表的绘画作品局部作为背景。将活动名称用印刷字体与笔刷的手写字体相叠加,来传达存在与情绪、写实与表现。