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The Thematic Guide Series


Client:Goethe-Institut China


"The Thematic Guide Series " activity is a cultural project launched by Goethe-Institut Chinain 2011. It is an important part of a large-scale theme exhibition "The Art of Enlightenment" organized by the three major museums in Germany: the Berlin National Museum, the Dresden national art collection, the Bavaria national painting collection in conjunction with the National Museum of China. The purpose is to visually interpret the exhibition content through activities, so that more people are willing to enter the museum and feel the "fun" side of the museum. As a supplement to the regular guided tour, the thematic guide series, combined with the exhibition part, will refine the theme and invite relevant experts and scholars to explain for the audience. Let the audience enjoy the customized guide of famous experts, but also get a more intuitive, interesting and personalized visit experience.
Maze as an element of design is mainly reflected in poster. If you can see the theme of the activity "理智与情感and Vernunft und Gefühle" is also integrated into the background map of the maze. The foreground is a bright yellow block, which is randomly put in each corner of the maze. It can be explained that when the audience is confused about watching the exhibition, the thematic guide can give all information points, which plays a guiding role.
“专题导览系列”(Themenführungen Reihe)活动是2011年北京德国文化中心·歌德学院(中国)发起的文化项目。它是德国三大博物馆:柏林国家博物馆、德累斯顿国家艺术收藏馆及巴伐利亚国家绘画收藏馆联合中国国家博物馆举办的大型主题展览《启蒙的艺术》中的重要部分。目的是想通过活动,形象化诠释展览内容,让更多人愿意走进博物馆,感受博物馆“好玩”的一面。专题导览系列活动作为常规导览的补充,结合展览部分,细化主题,邀请相关专家学者为观众进行讲解。让观众在享受名家定制导览的同时,还能获取更直观有趣、更具个性化的参观体验。
迷宫作为设计的元素在海报中着重体现。如果定睛可以看到活动的主题“理智与情感,Vernunft und Gefühle“也融入到了迷宫的背景图中。前景是鲜艳的黄色块,随意设置在迷宫的个个角落,可以解释为当观众在观看展览迷茫的时候,专题导览可以给出个个信息点,起到指引和导向的作用。